CIRI 2016 03

Day: March 23, 2016


CIRI Leads Effort to Launch Color of Justice Rural Student Initiative

When the distinguished judges and legal professionals addressed the students at the Color of Justice program, they saw something big staring back at them: Alaska. All of Alaska. From the North Slope to the Aleutians Islands.

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Business News

CIRI Reaches Agreement to Sell CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation

Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) recently announced the sale of CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation. Shareholders with email addresses on file at CIRI received an advisory message regarding the sale.

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A Word from the President

A Word from the President, March 2016

Many of you have read about CIRI’s recent decision to sell a company that we have proudly hailed as a hallmark of our portfolio for the past 20 years.

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With Sincere Appreciation

Neshech’ Kahtnuht’ana: “A story feather created to implement productive communication and discover resolution. Whomever holds this feather, may speak, while others listen. Remember to pass your story feather often.”

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Did You Know?

Travel by Air at Discounted Rates Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is graciously offering discounts to shareholder and their immediate family members attending CIRI’s 2016 information meetings and Annual Meeting.

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Shareholder News

Missing Shareholders, March 2016

The following CIRI shareholders do not have a current mailing address on record.

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Shareholder and Descendant Spotlight

Shareholder Spotlight: Nikki Graham

CIRI shareholder Nikki Graham hadn’t even been to her first meeting of the Alaska Native Professional Association (ANPA) when one of the organization’s directors encouraged her to consider joining the board.

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Career Opportunity

2016 Summer Internship Application Deadline: April 22

CIRI is now accepting applications for its Summer Internship program. Intern positions within CIRI include Corporate Communications, Real Estate, Land and Resources, Shareholder Programs and Outreach, and Accounting and Business Development.

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In Memory

In Memory, March 2016

View the obituaries of shareholders who have recently passed away.

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