Board Corner

A Message from CIRI Director Rolf Dagg

My name is Rolf Dagg. I am Yup’ik and was gifted CIRI shares from my father. It has been my honor to serve on the CIRI Board of Directors since 2007.

Growing up, my family divided its time between Washington State and Alaska. I remember attending meetings in Seattle and was always aware of and interested in CIRI since my father, Gosta Dagg, was an original enrollee and served on the CIRI Board of Directors. More than one-third of CIRI shareholders live outside Alaska, and even though we spent the school year in Washington, I felt fortunate to spend time in Alaska and always felt a connection with my Alaska Native heritage.

The vision I have for CIRI’s future is to continue to better the lives of CIRI shareholders. One of the most effective ways we can do this is to provide a stable stream of distributions through the continued growth of our existing business lines and prudent investments in new opportunities.

Of course, bettering the lives of shareholders goes beyond distributions, which is why CIRI created nonprofit organizations that deliver educational scholarships, health care, social services, housing and cultural-enrichment programs. A beneficiary of CIRI-affiliated nonprofits myself, Cook Inlet Housing Authority helped me purchase my first home when I moved to Alaska after college and gave me a leg up on home ownership!

Along with the benefits we are eligible for as CIRI shareholders and descendants, I am thankful for the family that is CIRI, the connection I have with my fellow shareholders, and the connection with my culture that comes from CIRI. Being a CIRI shareholder is more than just distributions; it’s something to take pride in.

Currently, your Board of Directors is focused on growing the company for the long-term benefit of its shareholders and their families. That’s what I’m most proud of—understanding our individual jobs and collective responsibility, building trust and moving our company forward. CIRI’s corporate value of Unity—the power of many working together to fulfill one mission—is a guiding principle in all we do.

I encourage you to read your CIRI newsletters, attend shareholder meetings and always vote in CIRI elections. For our shareholders who have gifted shares to relatives, I ask that you encourage the recipient(s) of those shares to do likewise.

Your Board and executive team are committed to finding solutions to keeping shareholders engaged in the success of our company, and we are always open to feedback, questions and suggestions. If you would like to reach out directly, I invite you to email