Board Corner

A Message from CIRI Director Michelle Lindersmith

CIRI Director Michelle Lindersmith

My name is Michelle Lindersmith. I am Inupiaq, with Alaska Native ancestry rooted in Nome. My two brothers and I were gifted CIRI shares from my father, Kenneth Boire, who inherited shares from his mother, Ida Boire, an original enrollee. It has been my privilege to serve on the CIRI Board of Directors since 2018.

I was fortunate that, when I was growing up, my father was involved in work with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, so even though I was raised outside of Alaska, I grew up with an understanding of and appreciation for my Alaska Native heritage. My grandmother also helped instill the feeling of cultural pride I carry with me today – respect for the land and Our People, the importance of looking out for one another.

In the past (2008-2012), I had the opportunity to join CIRI’s Shareholder Participation Committee (SPC), where I served as secretary of the Lower 48 and Hawaii committee. In this role, I was able to meet and work with members of CIRI’s Board of Directors and leadership team, as well as my fellow SPC members. It became very apparent to me that we are a family of Alaska Native people who love and are proud of our culture. We have leaders in CIRI who truly care about their fellow shareholders and the future of the company, and who work hard to meet the needs of the members.

Professionally, I have a background in information technology and have worked in the cyber security arena since 2010. I currently serve as director of AWS Security Response at Amazon. My nearly 20 years of management experience at Fortune 100 companies has given me the opportunity to develop a broad skill set that also encompasses business planning and finance. That professional background, coupled with my experience on the SPC, motivated me to apply for a position on the CIRI Board of Directors.

If you are at all interested in Board service, I encourage you to apply! In addition to a strong understanding of business and basic financial knowledge, we are looking for candidates who are demonstrated leaders in their area of expertise, whether in large corporations or small businesses. We are looking for quality leaders who operate with ethics and integrity. And most importantly, we are looking for candidates who are passionate about Our People and who desire to create a legacy for CIRI that leaves a high-functioning corporation that will benefit generations to come.

If you have questions about serving on the CIRI Board or would just like to reach out and introduce yourself, I invite you to email [email protected].