CIRI publishes Facebook page

CIRI recently published a page on the popular social media website Facebook. The purpose of the page is to increase communication with shareholders and descendants using an online medium that is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. CIRI hopes to provide information that shareholders and descendants will find useful and will increase their knowledge of their corporation.

The CIRI page will have a calendar with upcoming CIRI events, photos of CIRI events and projects, links to information on CIRI’s website, discussions on relevant topics and more.

You must have a Facebook profile to access the CIRI Facebook page. To create a profile, go to Once you create a profile, or using your existing profile, simply search “CIRI.” The search results will be under various tabs. Click on the “Pages” tab. The CIRI page is the first search result. Once you access the page, join other CIRI shareholders and descendants by becoming a fan. This will also let you receive updates from the CIRI page on your own profile.

Unlike personal profile pages and groups, which individual can create in Facebook, pages can only be created by an official representative of the organization. CIRI looks forward to shareholders and descendants connecting with their corporation through this new online forum.