CIRI in the Community

IT Department Volunteers at The Children’s Lunchbox

CIRI’s IT and Records departments volunteered Jan. 10 at The Children’s Lunchbox. Photos by Tad Fenimore and Keith Ziolkowski.

More than 21,000 youth in the Anchorage School District face food insecurity. A program of Bean’s Café, The Children’s Lunchbox provides free meals for students in seven Anchorage Title 1 elementary schools and sends those students home with a bag of food items to get them through each weekend. (To qualify for the Title 1 program, which provides supplementary funding to improve academic achievement for low-income students, a school must have a certain percentage of students in its attendance area who qualify for free or reducedprice lunches.)

Once a month, employees from CIRI volunteer two hours of their time putting together meals at The Children’s Lunchbox. In January, CIRI’s entire Information Technology (IT) and Records departments made the volunteerism part of a teambuilding experience.

“Volunteering to wash fruits or assemble salads is an easy way to help, and you feel like you’ve truly made an impact,” said Rachel Batres, CIRI’s community relations manager.

CIRI is proud to support The Children’s Lunchbox. In 2012, and again in 2017, CIRI designated the nonprofit as a proceed recipient of its Golf Classic, and it was CIRI’s relationship with The Children’s Lunchbox that led to Muldoon Elementary being added to the schools that benefit from the Lunchbox program. Muldoon Elementary is a culturally diverse Title 1 school, with approximately 30 percent of its population comprised of Alaska Native students.

For more than a decade, CIRI and Muldoon Elementary have been in a School Business Partnership, through which CIRI has provided funding for field trips and academic awards, supported teachers and encouraged other partners to donate school supplies, while its employees have volunteered at the school.

CIRI is one of only two companies that regularly volunteers at The Children’s Lunchbox. The organization is always looking for more volunteers and donations. Learn more at