CIRI in the Community

Launch of YourCause Software

Community Relations Manager Rachel Batres assists Shareholder Payables Clerk Amber Jackinsky with navigating the new YourCause software. Photo by Carly Stuart.

Building strong, safe communities where opportunities and prosperity are available for all – CIRI and its team of dedicated employees play an active role in improving our world. Whether it’s serving on the board of local nonprofits, volunteering at The Children’s Lunchbox, holding a holiday food drive or participating in the Anchorage Heart Walk, giving back is a priority at CIRI.

An online tool to track volunteer and community-support hours, CIRI recently launched YourCause. The platform allows the company to set up volunteer events, and employees can look for activities by searching from pre-populated events. Employees also have the ability to create their own activities, track volunteer hours and record monetary donations.

“CIRI believes that community service begins with each and every one of us,” said CIRI Community Relations Manager Rachel Batres. “The company’s community outreach program is a benefit designed to provide opportunities, with as much flexibility as possible, for employees who want to engage in philanthropy to support and strengthen our communities. YourCause gives CIRI accurate information about our volunteerism to share with employees, our Board of Directors and shareholders. The company also reports its charitable donations and community service in a yearly publication by the ANCSA Regional Association and reports similar statistics as part of our SBA 8(a) Benefits report.”

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