CIRI in the Community

Welcome! This is the first installment of what will become a regular feature in the Raven’s Circle newsletter.

CIRI has a longstanding partnership with Bean’s Café – our employees have served lunch once per month at the downtown Anchorage soup kitchen for more than 15 years.

“Personally, when I go, I am always struck by how many people go out of their way to thank us,” said CIRI’s Rachel Batres, manager, Community Relations. “They seem truly grateful. It is touching.”

CIRI also donates funds directly to Bean’s Café every year. Recently, the scope of CIRI’s donation expanded when Bean’s added The Children’s Lunchbox, a program that provides free meals for qualifying students in select Anchorage schools. CIRI made sure that Muldoon Elementary, our Business Partnership School, was added to the list of schools that receive food for their students to take home over the weekend. CIRI employees donate time to The Children’s Lunchbox chopping veggies and fruit and putting together healthy take-home snacks for students.

For information on Bean’s Café and The Children’s Lunchbox, visit

CIRI employees Tanisha Gleason, Kristen Guinn, Bella Suaava and Lester Stephan helped serve lunches Sept. 7 at Bean’s Café. Photo courtesy of Bean’s Café.