Shareholder/descendant-owned business

CIRI shareholder Lita Pepion of Billings, Mont., owns and operates CRL Health & Fitness LLC, a health and fitness consulting and education business geared at improving the health and life status of Native Americans. Founded in 1999, the vision of CRL Health & Fitness is healthy, strong, vibrant Native American communities. Its mission is to improve the health and life status of Native Americans by providing high quality, culturally relevant education, motivation and technical assistance services that enhance Native American health and fitness. CRL Health & Fitness offers fitness classes and nationally recognized fitness training certifications. Pepion is a certified fitness instructor, an American Council on Exercise Fitness faculty member, a licensed Montana educator and holds a master’s degree in curriculum development.

CRL Health & Fitness, LLC
P.O. Box 30012
Billings, MT 59107
(406) 252-1667 (ph) (web)
[email protected] (e-mail)