CIRI launches podcast

Satisfy your “CIRIosity”

ciriosity logoHow did CIRI end up with property in Hawaii through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act?

When former CIRI president and CEO Margie Brown was an assistant land planner, did she really receive a $7 million check for CIRI oil royalties made out to her?

What does CIRI’s land story have to do with “The Sound of Music”?

These questions and more are answered in CIRI’s new podcast, CIRIosity. The podcast, produced by CIRI’s Corporate Communications department, just launched and is available on iTunes. Listen to CIRIosity to learn more about CIRI, its shareholders and descendants, its businesses and its affiliated nonprofits.

The first episode — Our Land, Our Legacy — explores the history of CIRI’s land entitlements and how the young company’s aggressive pursuit of a fair settlement set the company on the trajectory of prosperity. Much of the success CIRI enjoys today can be traced back to the perserverance of CIRI’s early leadership in fighting for and negotiating the historic Cook Inlet Land Exchange.

Listen, learn and satisfy your CIRIosity! The podcast can be found at Through a podcast app, you can subscribe in iTunes or the RSS feed (for Android devices) and new episodes will be automatically downloaded to your smart phone.