Sign up for eNewsletters to be entered into prize drawings, 7” Kindle Fire HD

CIRI shareholders who are online have the option of enrolling in CIRI’s eNewsletter Program to receive interactive versions of the Raven’s Circle in lieu of paper newsletters. eNewsletters contain links and other features not available in the paper newsletter. Shareholders who receive eNewsletters may always request to receive paper copies of editions that are meaningful to them, and full copies of the paper newsletter will continue to be posted to the CIRI website in PDF format.

Shareholders enrolled in the eNewsletter Program receive their CIRI news faster, and CIRI saves on printing, processing and postage costs.

To increase participation in the eNewsletter Program, CIRI will conduct quarterly drawings for a 7” Kindle Fire HD from the names of all shareholders with a valid email address who are enrolled in the eNewsletter Program. KindleFireHDLandscapeAngle2Drawings will be conducted for the quarters ending March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31, with an email sent to each winner at the email address specified for receipt of CIRI eNewsletters. If the email address is not valid, another winner will be selected.

Not enrolled in the eNewsletter program? Download an eNewsletter subscription form from the CIRI website or call 263-5191 or 1-800-764-CIRI (2474), select option 0, and let Shareholder Relations know you wish to sign up. It’s that simple!