2017 Board Election Results

Preliminary results (i.e., subject to final certification by the Inspector of Election) indicate that CIRI shareholders elected five individuals to the CIRI Board of Directors at the company’s 2017 Annual Meeting, held June 3 in Anchorage.

These individuals include four incumbent directors and one new director: Robert E. Harris, Roy M. Huhndorf, Katrina M. Jacuk and Patrick M. Marrs were re-elected, and Samuel G. Spangler was elected to serve a three-year term. The Board met after the Annual Meeting and elected the following Board officers:

Chair — Thomas P. Huhndorf

Vice Chair — Douglas W. Fifer

Secretary — Jeffrey A. Gonnason

Treasurer — Michael R. Boling

Assistant Secretary — Louis “Lou” Nagy Jr.

Assistant Treasurer — Robert E. Harris

Chair Emeritus — Roy M. Huhndorf

There were no resolutions presented for consideration.