In Memory

Charlotte R. Fitzhugh, 86

Charlotte R. Fitzhugh passed away May 3 at home in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ms. Fitzhugh was born Jan. 9, 1930, in Chicago, Ill. She is survived by her daughter, Shirley Mace; daughters-in-law, Jonah Stoltzner and Mary Stoltzner Litteri; grandchildren, Jeremiah, Joshua and Nicki Stoltzner, Steven Gaulodel, Frank Stangel, Michele Mowrer, Doraine Stangel, Charlene Daly and Jeremiah Stangel; and many great-grandchildren, including Shawn, Nathan and Michael Stangel.

Florence Anderson Kalmakoff (aka Florence Rodriguez), 65

Florence Anderson Kalmakoff passed away May 6 at Hima San Pablo Hospital in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Ms. Kalmakoff was born Oct. 19, 1950, in Anchorage. She is survived by her son, Jose Luis Rodriguez Anderson; and sister, Maria Cristina Rodriguez Anderson.

Robert Vernon Meehan Sr., 79

Robert Vernon Meehan Sr. passed away May 13 at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. Mr. Meehan was born Sept. 5, 1936, in Seldovia, Alaska. He worked as a commercial fisherman and enjoyed camping, fishing and long drives. He is survived by his children, Susan L. Gibson, Patricia P. Meehan, Michele L. Meehan and Robert V. Meehan Jr.; grandchildren, Robert C. Meehan, Lora J. Newell, Racheal Newell, Sara Gibson, Mason Gibson, Mandi M. Gibson, Blake A. Gibson, Christopher A. Radague, Dustin P. Meehan, Alexandra M. Meehan, Efren A. Leal Jr., Brandon J. Leal, Tessie P.J. Meehan and Austin J. Leal; and three great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

Van C. Price, 84

Van C. Price passed away May 13 at South Peninsula Hospital in Homer, Alaska. Mr. Price was born Sept. 12, 1931, in Barton, N.M. He is survived by his wife, Jeanette Price; daughter, A. Gay Fraker; grandchildren, Amy Dunmire, Angie Fraker, Christopher Fraker, Nathaniel Hockley and Mathew Hockley; and great-grandchildren, Peter, Naomi, Ethan, Katie Harmoney, Annika and Emily.

Keith Lawrence Stanford, 51

Keith Lawrence Stanford passed away May 31 at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. Mr. Stanford was born Sept. 3, 1964, in Kenai, Alaska. He was a board member for Kenai Natives Association and served on the CIRI Shareholder Participation Committee. He is survived by his brothers, Lonnie L. Stanford, Vernon L. Stanford and Gary. L. Stanford; sister, Ruby L. Stratton; nephew, Lonnie Stanford Jr.; nieces, Katrina Pierce, Tamara Grass and Chandy Rector; and many other family members.

Frances 'Dolly' VartanianFrances Marie “Dolly” Vartanian, 67

Frances Marie “Dolly” Vartanian passed away June 20 in Anchorage. Ms. Vartanian was born Aug. 14, 1948, in Teller, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Ted Rader III, Yeghsapet Olganna Vartanian, Sose Vartanian and Tamar Vartanian; brother, Albert “Al” Miller Jr.; sister, Sara “Babe” Tweet; grandchildren, Robert Lee Rader, Heather Renee Rader, Roupen Tavo Magonna Vartanian and Devyn Orion Mayuriaq Rivers; and great-grandchildren Amaia, Elijah and Arlowe.


Victor Bowers, 75
Agnes Rose Devlin, 76
Marcella Florence Malpica, 64
Nathan David A. Toots, 79