In Memory

Leila CarrollLeila Faye Jaynes Carroll, 37

Leila Faye Jaynes Carroll passed away Feb. 10 at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Northridge, Calif. Ms. Jaynes Carroll was born May 31, 1979, in Anchorage. She is survived by her parents, Pamela and Eric Christenson; father, Gordon Jaynes; sister, Erika Jaynes; and children, Ashley, Brandon, Justice, Jordan, Jaylee and Benjamin.

Eleanor J. Douglas, 63

Eleanor J. Douglas passed away on Jan. 10 at home in Indianapolis, Ind. Ms. Douglas was born Sept. 3, 1953, in Nome, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, Don Douglas; sons, James, John and Larry Douglas; daughter, Deborah Douglas; and brother, Tim Sears.

Betty J. Mahle, 94

Betty J. Mahle passed away Feb. 7 at the White Dove Assisted Living Home in Peoria, Ariz. Ms. Mahle was born Oct. 23, 1922, in East River Township, Iowa. She is survived by her son, Paul Christy; brother, Herman Kane; sister, Gleda Estes; and nephew, Paul Jerome Kane.

Pauline Bertha Pete, 49

Pauline Bertha Pete passed away Oct. 11, 2016, in Bethel, Alaska. Ms. Pete was born Dec. 19, 1966, in Bethel, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Cynthia L. Pete, Joshua J., George M. and Wendy D.A. Kameroff, and Quentin and Chiara J. Demientieff; and grandchildren, Samantha, Beth and Tobias Graf, and Betty Marie Kameroff.


Glenn Timmons Cole, 70
Robert James Munson, 63