In Memory

Nathan Lee Bordewick, 64

Nathan Lee Bordewick passed away July 11 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Bordewick was born Jan. 17, 1953, in Nenana, Alaska. He is survived by Donald Takak Jr., Reuben M. Mixsooke, Katherine E. Arca, Laura Mixsooke Moscoso Wilder and Karen Sue Mixsooke Whiskers.

Alice Sue Greene, 68

Alice Sue Greene passed away July 19 in Homer, Alaska. Ms. Green was born Aug. 15, 1948, in Nanwalek, Alaska. She worked in English Bay and Nanwalek as a teacher’s aide, social worker, village public safety officer, drug and alcohol counselor, bilingual teacher and community health representative. Her hobbies included four-wheeling, fishing, crocheting, singing and dancing, and tea with siblings. She is remembered as a master at akutaq (Eskimo ice cream) and an avid pie and bread baker. Ms. Greene is survived by her children, Juanita A. Bales, Kevin “Auggie” Seville, Keith “Mister” Seville, Mandy M. Wood, Zoya R. Greene, Travis C. Greene and Jay Jae A. Greene.

Marlene Ondola, 49

Marlene Ondola passed away July 20 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Ondola was born April 15, 1968, in Anchorage. She is survived by her mother, Susie Ondola; sister, Marianne Ondola; brother, Walter Ondola; and son, Brandon Ahkivgak.

In Memory_Charlene RussellCharlene Mae Russell, 62

Charlene Mae Russell passed away July 18 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Russell was born Sept. 21, 1954, in Anchorage. She is survived by her children, Connie and Patrick Russell; sisters, Daisy Clark, Cheryl Gargrave and Elizabeth Heimburger; brothers, Walter Jr., Erroll and Ronnie Thomas; sisters-in-law, Margret Thomas and Erin Thomas; and several grandchildren.

Alberta Maggie Steve, 47

Alberta Maggie Steve passed away Oct. 21, 2016, at home in Saint Michael, Alaska. Ms. Steve was born Sept. 18, 1969, in Kotzebue, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, Victor Steve; and children, John R. Cheemuk III, Douglas C. Steve, Robin M. Steve, Hunter T. Steve and Harriet R. Steve.

Charles Fredrick Zimmerman, 89

Charles Fredrick Zimmerman passed away June 28 at Lea Hill Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Auburn, Wash. Mr. Zimmerman was born Sept. 3, 1927, in Sommerset, Pa. He worked as a fisherman in Alaska before relocating to Seattle where he and his wife owned a moving and storage business. They retired in 1999 and lived in a retirement home community where they made many friends. Mr. Zimmerman is survived by his wife, Clarice Zimmerman; daughter, Gail Lee Dobrasz; and son, Charles Zenus Zimmerman.


Michael Frank Charles, 62
Lillian Hanaka, 77
Donna Marie Lee, 55
Brenda Ann McInturff, 55
Shelly Ann Peterson, 42
Herbert William Theodore, 85
Charmaine Lavonne Triplett, 51
Gale Blanche Vidal, 56