In Memory

Rose Marie Clift, 59

Rose Marie Clift passed away April 18 at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ms. Clift was born Sept. 1, 1958, in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is survived by her significant other, Lee Jamison; brother, Bill Blackmom; Liz; and numerous children, brothers, sisters and cousins.

Barbara Kate Curtis, 60

Barbara Kate Akisaqpak Curtis passed away March 5 at home in Anchorage. Ms. Curtis was born May 4, 1957, in Noorvik, Alaska. Along with her husband, original CIRI shareholder Michael Curtis, she started Midnight Son Ministries and pastored in cities and towns throughout Alaska, including Anchorage, Barrow, Kotzebue, Nikiski, Point Hope and Wainwright. The husband-and-wife team spent much of their time in locations along the Yukon River and visited as many as 40 villages a year. Ms. Curtis is survived by her children, Elesema Wigley, Charity Cook, Michael Curtis, Genna Carpenter and Manny and Jewel Curtis; mother, Margaret Brannon; sisters, Helen Roberts, Parolee McCord, Tina Ballot and Petey Pungalik; and numerous grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other relatives.

Beverly E. Dinger, 80

Beverly E. Dinger passed away Feb 26 at home in Brookville, Pa. Ms. Dinger was born Sept. 13, 1937, in Reynoldsville, Pa. She is survived by her children, Vickey Brosius and Rhonda Miller; grandchildren, Ken Shields, Heather Baughman,

Josh Ponchell and Stacy Haag; brother, Pete McKee; and numerous great-grandchildren.

Edmund (Ed) K. Greatreaks, 60

Edmund (Ed) K. Greatreaks passed away March 22. He is survived by Georgia Greatreaks-Norris, Ronald C. Williamson Sr., Jason Greatreaks and Jeremy Great.

Sean Kyle Wigley, 6

CIRI descendant Sean Kyle Wigley passed away May 25 at home in Silsbee, Texas. Sean was born Sept. 22, 2011, in Anchorage. He is survived by his parents, Sean Keith Suttu Wigley and Violet Elesema Ataniyiq Wigley; siblings, Ravi, Curtis, DeAndre, Donte, KateLynn, Kaleb and SeLena; grandmother, Carrie Stewart; uncles, Michael Curtis Jr., Manny Curtis and Scott Wells; aunts, Charity Cook, Genna Carpenter, Jewel Curtis and Kitty Stewart; and many cousins.


Helen Alice Atwater, 69
John Fitzgerald Beach, 53
John Francis Brastajn, 60
Wendy Kaye Crowell, 40
Rachel Anne Flynn, 39
Herbert R. Jacobs, 71
John Edward Watts Jr., 69
John Edward Williams, 70