In Memory

Marion Collier, 81

Marion Collier passed away April 6 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Collier was born April 18, 1936, in Seldovia, Alaska. She owned and operated a restaurant with her husband for many years and her joy in life was spending time with God and her family. Ms. Collier is survived by her husband, Louis Collier; children, Kim Collier, Carrie Wilcheck and Suzanne Collier; grandchildren, Tamra Kindgren, Chancelen Collier, Colton Collier, Calem Collier and Courtney Collier; and great-grandchildren, Natalie Miller, Dallas Miller, Ayla Collier and Maven Collier.

Eva Lorenzo, 89

Eva Lorenzo passed away April 14 at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna, Alaska.

Ms. Lorenzo was born March 6, 1929, in Kenai, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Paul Lorenzo, Gregory Lorenzo, Marie Juliussen and Samuel Lorenzo; grandchildren, Victorio, Amber, Anthony and Karina Lorenzo and Donna Juliussen; and great-grandchildren, Aaliyah Fitzpatrick, Keegan and Oliver Lorenzo and Kylee Tweedy.

Victor Augustine Segura Jr., 46

Victor Augustine Segura Jr. passed away April 30 at home in Kenai, Alaska. Mr. Segura was born Oct. 19, 1971, in Soldotna, Alaska. He is survived by his mother, Peggy Segura; wife, Audrey Strickland; children, Keenan Segura and Tyler Marcuson; sister, Annette Schultz; aunts, Patricia England, Helen Hurston, Donna Garner, Rita Smagee and Clara Swan; and uncles, J.R. Pederson, Jim Petterson, Ron Petterson, Eric Titus, James Segura, William Segura and Rick Segura.

Daniel P. Toloff, 88

Daniel P. Toloff passed away May 19 at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna, Alaska. Mr. Toloff was born Aug. 9, 1929, in Anchorage. He is survived by his son, Scott Toloff; brothers, Charles and Tony Toloff; grandchildren, Mason Toloff, Danni Rose Williamson and Tavia Williamson; nieces, Tabetha Toloff, Lynda Toloff, Kate Toloff, Lori Toloff and Toni Koob; and nephews, Steve Toloff, Pete Toloff and Gene Gjertson.


Lyle V. Garner Sr., 94
Judith Renay Houghton, 75
Christopher Jay Johnson, 53
Steven James Jorgenson, 61
Hazel Tatiana McFarlin, 84
Greta Ann Wright, 68