In Memory

Florence Emerson, 72

Florence Emerson passed away May 7 at home in Anchorage. Ms. Emerson was born June 15, 1946, in Kiana, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Elizabeth Hooper, Marjorie Hooper, Jesse Hooper and Harold Hooper; grandchildren, Chasity Huddleston, Jared Huddleston, Jazmin Bowles, Cody Gibson, Chloe Hooper, Brayton Hooper and Franklin Hooper; great-grandchildren, Jared Huddleston, Leighton Rathbun, Mia Huddleston, Logan Sheridan, Mason Bowles and Elsie Bowles; and siblings, Andrew Jackson, Laura Klopp, Kathy Davenport, Barbara Jennings, Rollyn Jackson, Raven Jackson, Rachel Schaeffer, Tessie Morris and Cheral Jackson.

Douglas P. Guerrero, 67

Douglas P. Guerrero passed away Jan. 23 in Raymond, Wash. Mr. Guerrero was born July 14, 1951, in Auburn, Wash. He is survived by his children and many more.

Jayson W. McGuire, 19

CIRI descendant Jayson W. McGuire passed away March 31 in Anchorage. At the time of his passing, he was a full-time engineering student at the University of Alaska Anchorage and an employee of Costco. His family remembers him as articulate, charismatic, energetic, generous, gracious, humorous and intelligent. Mr. McGuire’s final gift was his organs and tissue, donated to Life Alaska Donor Services, which was founded by his grandfather, Dr. David McGuire. He is survived by his father, Jason McGuire; mother, CIRI shareholder Anita Evans; siblings, Jefferson, Nikolas and James; and godparents, Thomas and Ann Evans.

Reuben M. Mixsooke, 77

Reuben M. Mixsooke passed away March 25 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Mixsooke was born Oct. 25, 1941, in Shaktoolik, Alaska. He is survived by his wife, Sharon Mixsooke; and children, Janice R. Mixsooke, R. Max G. Mixsooke, Clayton E. M. Mixsooke, J. Nilson C. Mixsooke, Shawn T. Mixsooke and Chaleen L. R. Mixsooke.

Ronnie Tiny Theodore, 62

Ronnie Tiny Theodore passed away April 9. A lifelong resident of Knik, Alaska, he was of the Fish Tail Clan (Kal-a-hee) of the Dena’ina people of the upper Cook Inlet. His family remembers him as someone with a great sense of humor who was always willing to help those less fortunate than himself. Mr. Theodore is survived by his brothers, Arthur, Paul, Raymond, Randy and Larry Theodore; sisters, Rosie Choquette, Patsy Garcia and Martha (Marty); son, John David Theodore; and many nieces and nephews.

Juliana Margaret Weier, 67

Julianna Margaret Weier passed away April 2 at Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center in Honolulu. Ms. Weier was born July 6, 1951, in Seattle. She is survived by her stepfather, Charles Burke; sister, Joyce Ofrancia; children, Chris T. Manibog and Lance (Sanae) Weier; and grandchildren, Jarred, Jessie Lyn, James, Kealani, Kirsten and Danielle.


Claire Etolin DeMann, 73
Edward Clinton Greenhalgh, 72
Edson Nicholas Fadaoff Jr., 61
David Stanley Kardanoff, 59
Helen McClusky, 67
Alvin Vernon Steik, 80
Marilyn Ann Zellers, 83