In Memory

Rita Jean Bonner, 38

Rita Jean Bonner passed away July 9, 2018, at home in West Columbia, Texas. Ms. Bonner was born July 11, 1979, in Galveston, Texas. She is survived by her son, Jacob Joe-Ellis Hernandez; father, Hilliard Ellis Bonner; and brother, Michael Bonner.

Candace Marie Hathaway, 55

Candace Marie Hathaway passed away May 30 in Anchorage. Ms. Hathaway was born March 14, 1964. She is survived by her husband, Bruce Hathaway; children, Brandon Bahr, Renee Hathaway and Jennifer Meyer; mother, Lorraine Chapman; siblings, Norma Kautz, Henry Bahr Jr. and Johnny Walker; stepsiblings, George Chapman, Oliver Chapman and Louanna Pickles; and uncle, Willie Eben.

Marlee Ann Jacobsen, 73

Marlee Ann Jacobsen passed away April 13 at Kingsburg Care Center in Kingsburg, Calif. Ms. Jacobsen was born October 26, 1945. She is survived by her husband, Don Jacobsen; daughter, Dana Jacobsen; and siblings, Frank Barnett and Dana Markey.

Rita E. Kakaruk, 83

Rita E. Kakaruk passed away May 21 at Cascade Park Gardens in Tacoma, Wash. Ms. Kakaruk was born July 31, 1935, in Teller, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Harold M. Ahmasuk III and Carol Jean Ahmasuk; and sisters, Rose Okboak and Sara Kakaruk.

Evonne M. “Chaz” Natter, 56

Evonne M. “Chaz” Natter passed away June 6 at Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville, Ark. Ms. Natter was born May 8, 1963, in Anchorage. She is survived by Barry Natter, Christian Carey, Marvin Greenberg, Thomas Greenberg and Loretta Greenberg.

Marie E. Siverly, 81

Marie E. Siverly passed away June 13 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Siverly was born April 7, 1938, in Tanana, Alaska. A mother of six children, she retired from the federal government in 1994 and spent her retirement years bowling, camping, picking berries, playing bingo, sewing and traveling. She is survived by Geno Cyphers; children, Kathleen Barnes (Robbie), Theresa Mattingly (Butch), Michael Wilcheck, Ralph Wilcheck (Kim), Jeffrey Wilcheck (Christie) and Kevin Wilcheck (Carrie); sister, Margaret Pickett; brother, John Pickett; and many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins.


Gregory Charles Allen, 62
Maribeth Forrest, 68
Gilbert Ole Johnson, 77
David Benjamin Kimball, 57
Virginia Lee King, 75

Note: In the July 2019 Raven’s Circle obituary for Edward Komakhuk, Myrtle Komakhuk’s name was incorrectly listed as Myrtle Sabatis.