In Memory

Patricia Ann Campbell-Rhymes, 55

Patricia Ann Campbell-Rhymes passed away May 31 at San Luis Care Center in Newman, Calif. Ms. Campbell-Rhymes was born June 2, 1963, in Petersburg, Va. She is survived by her children, Lorraine and Jacqueline Campbell; grandchildren, Jesse, Ercale, Avralia and Jade Campbell and Frederick Schmidt; brother, Charles Campbell; and father, Charles Croley.

Louise E. Gorder, 90

Louise E. Gorder passed away July 1 in Cashmere, Wash. Ms. Gorder was born April 26, 1929, in Seldovia, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Joyce and Richard.

Sandra Lynn Hallstead, 60

Sandra Lynn Hallstead passed away July 6 at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Hallstead was born April 2, 1959, in Kodiak, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Timmothy Bateman, Nicole Bateman, Daniel Zamzok, Trevor Hallstead and Jesse Thompson; grandchildren, Zoey, Ian and Lloyd; brothers, Steven, Keith and David Hallstead; and sisters, Kathleen Hallstead, Barb Flores, Lori Hallstead and Victoria Schmeltz.

David Benjamin Kimball, 57

David Benjamin Kimball passed away March 10, 2016, at John Cochran VA Medical Center in St. Louis. Mr. Kimball was born Aug 16, 1958, in Anchorage. He is survived by his wife, Tamela Kimball; daughter, Sierra Kimball; sister, Laurel Hembree; brother-in-law, Jerry Rollman; nieces, Donia Stout and Jennifer Hembree; nephew, Zac Hembree; grandchildren, Anthony and Samuel Gunter; and great-niece, Tehya Stout.

Artha Lou Koerber (aka Bonnie Koerber), 77

Artha Lou Koerber passed away March 11 at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Koerber was born Sept. 9, 1941, in Port Townsend, Wash. Her family remembers her as an amazing woman with a great heart, a true giver and helper to those less fortunate. Ms. Koerber was a committed church volunteer and knitter who donated more than 1,000 hand-knit hats over the years to local hospitals and various nonprofits. After her retirement, she spent much of her time at a small cabin on the family homestead. Ms. Koerber is survived by her children, Brooke Raymond Piccolo and Julianne Marie Wittwer.

Clara Lucy Kosbruk, 75

Clara Lucy Kosbruk passed away July 24 at home in Perryville, Alaska. Ms. Kosbruk was born Dec. 17, 1943, in Perryville, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Frank Tague, Leora Shangin, John Tague and Leona Tague.

Doris June Mueller, 80

Doris June Mueller passed away July 25 at home in Anchorage. Ms. Mueller was born June 16, 1939, in Anchorage. She is survived by Deana Harris, Kimberly Porch, Sandra Cloud, Dale Rude, 14 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Stephen E. Seetomona, 80

Stephen E. Seetomona passed away July 24 at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Wash. Mr. Seetomona was born May 23, 1939, in Shismaref, Alaska. He is survived by his son, Joseph Seetomona; and siblings, Harriet Cutshall, Lorena Seetomona and Coolidge Seetomona.

Sarah L. Wilson, 40

Sarah L. Wilson passed away March 31 in Colorado Springs, Colo. Ms. Wilson was born June 14, 1978, in Seattle. She is survived by Josh Wilson.


Linda Lee Adams, 65
Frieda Clara Labere, 80
Connie Marie Severson, 62
Frank Michael Shearer, 65
Esther Stewart, 86
Mardell Ann Tyone, 70