In Memory

Valerie J. Anderson, 65

Valerie J. Anderson passed away Oct. 29, 2019, in Vancouver, Wash. Ms. Anderson was born Feb. 3, 1954, in Duluth, Minn. She is survived by her children, Jeff Fults, Jason Fults and Jennifer Fults.

Laurentia F. Greene, 92

Laurentia F. Greene passed away Nov. 8, 2019, at home in Pilot Station, Alaska. Ms. Greene was born July 4, 1927, in Akulurak, Alaska. She is survived by her son, Norman Xavier; daughter, Irene Xavier; and stepdaughter, Susie Luke.

Helen K. Harmon, 84

Helen K. Harmon passed away Nov. 21, 2019, at home in Seward, Alaska. Ms. Harmon was born Sept. 21, 1935. She is survived by her children, Cathy Rae White, Elizabeth Ann Harmon, Floyd Joseph Harmon and Joe Edward Harmon; and grandchildren, Shawn Stiek, Sophia K. Houser, Alyssa M. Coll and Tracy White.

Nicole M. Hathaway, 49

Nicole M. Hathaway passed away July 27, 2018, at home in Burnsville, Minn. Ms. Hathaway was born Sept. 30, 1969, in Carlton, Minn. She is survived by her children, Ciara Mickler, Blake Hathaway, Ryenne Hathaway, James Hathaway and Elijah Hathaway; and sister, Lisa Whitney.

Natasha Huf, 59

Natasha Huf passed away Oct. 21, 2019, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Huf was born Dec. 12, 1959, in Kenai, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, Joe Huf; children, Casey Huf, Jessica Huf and Taylor Johnson; sisters, Jean Jensen, Andrea Miller and Patricia McGee; and brother, Dennis West.

Sara Lou Monaco, 78

Sara Lou Monaco passed away Nov. 27, 2019, at the Elizabeth Seton Memory Care Center in Greensburg, Pa. Ms. Monaco was born July 6, 1941, in Seward, Alaska. She is survived by her children, John “Andy” Monaco and Teresa Monaco Weldon; and grandchildren, Bryce Monaco and Sydney Loudon.

Melvin J. Monsen Sr., 89

Melvin J. Monsen Sr. passed away Dec. 4, 2019, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Monsen was born Feb. 19, 1930, in Naknek, Alaska, and grew up one of 24 children. His many professions included more than 40 years as a commercial fisherman, trapper, movie theater owner and operator, trucking company owner and operator, commercial bush pilot, ventilation company owner, and procurement specialist for both private industry and the State of Alaska. He served with the Army during the Korean War and was a member of CIRI’s Shareholder Participation Committee from 2006 to 2009. Mr. Monsen is survived by his wife of 64 years, Jerry Monsen; children, Susan Monsen (Mark Berry) and Melvin Monsen (Lisa); grandchildren, Sarah Berry, Matthew Berry and Elizabeth Strong (Homer); sister, Elaine Seversen; and many nephews, nieces, and other relatives and friends.

William Woodbury, 56

William R. Woodbury passed away Nov. 6, 2019, in Anchorage. Mr. Woodbury was born Aug. 28, 1963. He is survived by Heather Marie Lin Woodbury and Misty Rose Richter.


Dorcas Eleanor Dunmire, 78
Lorraine Kimlinga Gafford, 72
John Clark Hardy, 91
Sophie Niver, 86