In Memory

Raymond E. Achayok, 61

Raymond E. Achayok passed away Nov. 19, 2019, in Anchorage. Mr. Achayok was born Dec. 21, 1957, in Pilot Point, Alaska. He is survived by his siblings, Jeanie Grass, Flora Strouts, Lawrence Achayok and Michael Achayok; nieces, Donna Hill, Vicky Muncy, Anne Nichols, Esmerelda Zirkle, Sandy Strouts and Charlene Jones; nephews, Edward Grass, Ernest Grass, Henry Strouts and Erving Grass; and many more great- and great-great-nieces and -nephews.

William J. Achayok, 71

William J. Achayok passed away Oct. 6, 2019, at home in Anchorage. Mr. Achayok was born Sept. 11, 1948. He is survived by his daughter, Louise Achayok; siblings, Jeanie Grass, Michael Achayok, Lawrence Achayok and Flora Strouts; nephews, Henry Strouts, Edward Grass and Ernest Grass; nieces, Donna Hill, Anne Nichols, Vicky Muncy, Esmerelda Zirkle, Charlene Jones and Sandy Strouts; and many more great-nephews and -nieces and grandchildren.

Frantz Rufus Hildonen Jr., 91

Frantz Rufus Hildonen Jr. passed away Nov. 27, 2019, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Hildonen was born Sept. 17, 1928, in Seldovia, Alaska. He is survived by his wife, LaRae A. Hildonen; daughter, Erikka Hildonen; and sister, Sally Berlin.

Brenda “Mimsie” Jacobs, 66

Brenda “Mimsie” Jacobs passed away Jan. 3. at home in Anchorage. Ms. Jacobs was born July 24, 1953, in White Mountain, Alaska. She is survived by her daughter, Richele (Max) Whorton; grandson, Link Whorton; and siblings, George Shoogukwruk, Tony Shoogukwruk, Gerald Napouk, Kenneth Shoogukwruk, Judy Evans and Laverne Boardman.


James Bergamaschi, 67
Suzanne Ellen Clyde, 81
Ann M. Curtis, 96
Nicholas George, 86
Robert John Joseph, 73
Helena Dimmick Mark, 71
Louise Nadia Sambo, 78
Kenneth Curtis Stehman, 53
June Virginia Totemoff, 72