In Memory

Osborne Anderson, 59

Osborne Anderson passed away April 27 at home in Willow, Alaska. Mr. Anderson was born Aug. 28, 1960, in Anchorage. He is survived by his wife, Catherine Bodell; daughters, Michelle and Jennifer Anderson; sisters, Ecko Anderson, Esther Runstrom and Sophia Willard; and brothers, Johnny Anderson, Kenneth Anderson and Babe Ralph Sigurd Anderson III.

James A. Blair, 65

James A. Blair passed away May 21 in Anchorage. Mr. Blair was born March 9, 1955, in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is survived by his siblings, Robert Blair, Pete Blair, Michael C. Harper, Susan L. Courtillet, Julianne Anders, Steve G. Harper, Ella L. Harper, Kathy B. Cline, Diane L. Thomas and Arlene N. Blair.

Lyle Snead Boley III, 49

Lyle Snead Boley III passed away Aug. 21 at home in Lynchburg, Va. Mr. Boley was born May 15, 1971, in Lynchburg. He is survived by his son, Nicholas William Snead Boley; significant other, Jennifer Leigh Trevey; father, Butch Boley; step-mother, Emmie Boley; brother, Curtis (Connie) Boley; half-brother, Gabriel (Ana) Aburto; sisters, Stella Boley and Carla O’Brien; and lifetime father figure, Lorenzo Aburto.

Edward A. Boone Jr., 78

Edward A. Boone Jr. passed away July 1 at home in Seldovia, Alaska. Mr. Boone was born June 20, 1942, in Anchorage. He is survived by his wife, Mary Boone; children, Edward F. Boone, Shari Stoll and Laurie Cooper; and sisters, Christine Kashevarof and Shirley Janz.

Debra “Debbie” A. DeMott, 64

Debra “Debbie” A. DeMott passed away Feb. 6 at home in Anchorage. Ms. DeMott was born Dec. 13, 1955, in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, James DeMott; daughter, Naomi (Will) Stapp; granddaughter, Amelia Stapp; and sisters, Becky (Sevie) Wagenius, Dawn McInturff, Lorinda Richards, Darlene McInturff and Dorothy (Rodney) Timario.

Olinga B. Fagan, 70

Olinga B. Fagan passed away July 19 at home in Anchorage. Ms. Fagan was born Feb. 27, 1950, in Kalskag, Alaska. She is survived by her sisters, Mary Gober, Dorothy Philbrick, Sara Borowski and Pauline Cogan; and grandchildren, Devin Sylva, Corey Sylva, Isiah Moss, Jordan Moss, Nathaniel Moss and Nataya Moss.

Julie Anne Fey, 50

Julie Anne Fey passed away July 25 at Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer, Alaska. Ms. Fey was born Jan. 17, 1970, in Anchorage. She is survived by her parents, Juliusse and Donna Fey; children, Donna Asay, Joe Cleveland-Fey and Elisa Cleveland-Fey; and sister, Rachael Colclough.

Mary Kay Greiner, 61

Mary Kay Greiner passed away May 20 at home in Auburn, Wash. Ms. Greiner was born May 27, 1958, in Anchorage. She is survived by her children, Merlin Ivanoff Jr. and Benjamin Ivanoff; and siblings, Jenny Yingling, David Greiner, Wesley Greiner, Mark Greiner and James Greiner.

Charles “Charlie” Randolph Grosvold, 46

Charles “Charlie” Randolph Grosvold passed away Aug. 9. Mr. Grosvold was born Sept. 23, 1973. His family remembers him as someone with a strong work ethic who worked in construction and roofing, and especially enjoyed working on cars and motorcycles. He carved Native paddles and created Native jewelry. Outgoing and witty, he had many friends and was a loyal “dog person.” He is survived by his brothers, John Nutt, Michael Schatz, Jeremiah Schatz and Benjamin Griffiths; niece, Hanna Wilson; nephew, Elijah Wilson; aunts, Kathy Rodriquez and June (Bobby) Haught; uncle, Sam Grosvold; lifetime friend, Bonnie Charles; and numerous cousins.

James I. Honda, 85

James I. Honda passed away July 29 at Temecula Valley Hospital in Temecula, Calif. Dr. Honda was born Sept. 2, 1934, in Seattle. He worked as a pediatrician in Fullerton, Calif., and as part of the medical staff of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the 1990s he served as St. Jude’s chief of staff, retiring from practice in 2007. He counted among his many hobbies fishing, history, music, reading and traveling, and he loved caring for his fish, birds and dogs. Dr. Honda is survived by his wife, Patricia Honda; children, Allison Honda-Grainger, Jamie Honda, Dawn Honda-Fordham, Heather Meadows Grethe, Steve Honda, Christian Honda, Dirk Honda and Brian Meadows; brother, Joseph (Jan) Honda; 18 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Douglas Kirk Komakhuk, 44

Douglas Kirk Komakhuk passed away Aug. 20 in Anchorage. Mr. Komakhuk was born Dec. 16, 1975, in Anchorage. He is survived by his sister, Starlett Komakhuk; brother, Roy Komakhuk; nieces, Danielle Del Real and Kristel and Tanya Komakhuk; great-nephews, Alexander Stiles and Diego, Antonio and Daniel Del Real; uncles, Kenny, Sammy and Jonathon Komakhuk; and aunts, Clara Beckman, Carol Elvsas and Myrtle Komakhuk.

Max Edward Lieb Jr., 62

Max Edward Lieb Jr. passed away May 6 in Anchorage. Mr. Lieb was born Sept. 20, 1957, in Bethel, Alaska. He is survived by his children, Adrianna Chantell Lieb, Stephanie Janeen Lieb, Christina Maxx Lieb and Anthony Quinten Lieb; and grandchildren, Annalysha Renee Caroline Walker, Kaylie Mae Lynn Walker, Malachi Weaver and Joshua Weaver.

Elizabeth Mills, 89

Elizabeth Mills passed away July 20 at home in Chugiak, Alaska. Ms. Mills was born May 14, 1931, in Eklutna, Alaska. She is survived by her children, James Mills, Lundy Mills, Benjamin Mills, Geraldine Mills and Beverly Mills; and grandchildren, William Wonders, Charles Wonders, Brenda Davis, Maralyn Kuphaldt and Joseph Potter.

Kenneth Gene Odman, 62

Kenneth Gene Odman passed away Jan. 26 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Odman was born Feb. 24, 1957, in Anchorage. He is survived by his children, Tara (Donald) Vanderford, Sarah Hosman, Carl Odman, Natasha (Brian) Odman Hutchins and Jessica (Shawn) Smekal; and grandchildren, Darius Watkins, Raul Santos, Aubrianna Santos, Isaac Santos, Lucian Jackson, Kaitlyn Odman, Carl Odman Jr., Carson Smekal and Lilyana Smekal.

Harold F. Roberts, 85

Harold F. Roberts passed away April 6 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Roberts was born March 5, 1935, in Anchorage. He worked as a hunting guide and commercial fisherman and was a veteran of the U.S. Army. Mr. Roberts is survived by his daughters, Lorna D. Roberts, Teresa M. Roberts and Julia A. Lee; grandchildren, Jeremiah T. Wilmoth, Elaina B. Matlock, Justin Dicus, Elizabeth Lee, Robert Lee and Jacob Roberts; great-grandchildren, Amber Cramer, Autumn Cramer, Adam Ross, Emily Wilmoth and Aiden Pines-Matlock; great-great grandchildren, Brooklynn, Camrynn and Liam; and many nieces and nephews, including Billy, Kenny and Jimmy Hightower.

Clinton Allen Schmidt, 56

Clinton Allen Schmidt passed away Dec. 5, 2019, at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Mr. Schmidt was born Aug. 27, 1963, in Seattle. He is survived by John E. Schmidt, Jean C. Schmidt, Darryl E. Schmidt, Felicia A. Schmidt and John F. Schmidt.

James R. Showalter, 84

James R. Showalter passed away May 22 at home in Soldotna, Alaska. Mr. Showalter was born March 18, 1936, in Kenai, Alaska. He is survived by his wife, Mary Showalter; children, Jennifer Yeoman and James Showalter Jr.; and grandchildren, Landen Showalter, Nadia Walluk, and Jalyn, Jenna, Mylee and Dawson Yeoman.

Joshua Lee Steed, 39

Joshua Lee Steed passed away July 5 at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. Mr. Steed was born Nov. 30, 1980, in Anchorage. He is survived by his fiancée, Marie Jones; children, Jordan Steed, Michael Steed and Braxton; brothers, Ian Steed, James Steed and Trevor Rausin; sister, Stacia Leona Eggleston; nieces, Robyn, Emma and Leona; and nephews, Travis and Shawn.


Diane Green Arendt, 65
Joseph William Behrens, 59
Howard Scott Bolam Sr., 81
Ronald Terry Dolchok Sr., 72
Karl Federic Dunder, 62
Kelley Perry Tucker Bahnke Green, 43
Albert Cecil Harrison, 85
Virginia Annie-Lee John, 37
Craig Daniels Kissel II, 42
Daniel Earl Larson, 66
Rudolph Martinchick, 88
Harry Nickkatoak Okpik Sr., 80
Marianne Ondola, 54
Wesley Louis Seetot, 20
Pariscovia Simpson, 75
Leon Rocky Stephan, 59
Carol May Strouse, 84
Judy Frances Swanson, 64
Gerald A. Swisher, 91