In memory, December 2011

Donn Brian Baker, 59

Donn Brian Baker died Sept. 7 at the Rockingham Assisted Living Home in Anchorage. Mr. Baker was born March 8, 1952, in Barrow, Alaska. He is survived by his daughter, Debra Francine Huck; and sisters, D’Brianne P. Friemering and Donna Barnhart.

Dawn Stephens Barrington, 74

Dawn Stephens Barrington died Aug. 3 at Bethany House in Auburn, Ala. Mrs. Barrington was born Aug. 23, 1936, in Roanoke, Ala. She is survived by her husband, Ferrell L. Barrington Sr.; sons, Lamar and Terrell Barrington; sisters, Anne Thomas and Gale Holliday; brothers, Ted, Mike and Randy Stephens; 7 grandchildren and 19 nieces and nephews.

Ivy Agness Bartels, 84

Ivy Agness Bartels died Aug. 9 at the Providence Mount St. Vincent Nursing Home in Seattle, Wash. Ms. Bartels was born Nov. 27, 1926, in Seldovia, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Shelley Marie Bartels, Mary Ann Clarke and Cheryle Glathar; and son, Brian Bartels.

Ernest Marvin Chase, 66

Ernest Marvin Chase died Aug. 13 in a plane crash west of McGrath, Alaska. Mr. Chase was born Feb. 6, 1945. He is survived by his daughters, Bonnie Reherman, Charity Jasper, Chasity Weythman and Briana Chase; sons, Tim and William Chase; and fiancé, Lorraine Locascio.

Kim Francine Jenkins, 53

Kim Francine Jenkins died July 24 at home in Nunapitchuk, Alaska. Ms. Jenkins was born
May 8, 1958, in Bethel, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, Steven Jenkins; daughters,
Patricia Smith and Rebecca Jenkins; son, Samuel Jenkins; grandchildren, Eileen Jenkins, Mercedes Moses, Tuding Vogelpohl, Luann Anaruk, Justine Sporango, Seth Smith, Joseph Smith, Patrick Jenkins, Dean Malcom and Caroline Anaruk, sisters, Kathy Grifka, Eileen Laufmann, Marion Moffat and Delores Cussen; and stepdaughters, Rachel Jenkins and Trisha Anaruk.

Olga Marcia Kilborn, 64

Olga Marcia Kilborn died July 14 at home in Kodiak, Alaska. Ms. Kilborn was born Sept. 24, 1946, in Anchorage. She is survived by her husband, Norman Kilborn; daughters, Wendy Mendez, Christina Kilborn Smith and Marnie Kilborn; sons, Wade Winant and Dustin, Adam and Brian Kilborn; granddaughters, Jessica Mendez and Madison Kilborn; and grandsons, Joshua Mendez and Tyler Hackett.

Katharine L. LaFond, 64

Katharine L. LaFond died Aug. 1 at the Evergreen Hospice in Kirkland, Wash. Ms. LaFond was born Aug. 20, 1946, in Anchorage. She is survived by her son, Jason L. Green; grandson, Bryson G. Green; and brothers, Frederick S. Kolb, Jeffery A. Kolb and Steven L. Kolb.

Raymond M. Masters, 53

Raymond M. Masters died Aug. 23 at home in Deer Park, Wash. He is survived by his
daughter, Jennaka M. Masters; sons, Ray L. Masters, Tony J. Masters, Jeff R. Masters and Greg D. Masters; mother, Flora V. Beuning; and father, Ray L. Masters.

Frederick Angick Sequak, 77

Frederick Angick Sequak died Sept. 16 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Sequak was born on King Island, Alaska. He is survived by his wife, Edith Irene Sequak; daughter, Annie M. Berestoff; and son, Mark D. Sequak.

Eleanor J. Shuravloff (Ursin), 76

Eleanor J. Shuravloff (Ursin) died Aug. 31 at the Prestige Rehabilitation Center in Edmonds, Wash. Ms. Shuravloff was born Sept. 4, 1934, in Seldovia, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Tamara Vinberg Elliott and Tisha A. Hurn; sons, Emil Vinberg, Greg Vinberg and John A. Shuravloff; granddaughters, Kristina Vinberg, Breanna Vinberg and Erin Hurn; grandsons, Emil Anderson and Bryan Hurn; four great-grandchildren; and sister, Laura Resoff.

Reginald Stepanoff, 62

Reginald Stepanoff died Aug. 26 at the Providence Medical Center Adult Critical Care
Unit (ACCU) in Anchorage. Mr. Stepanoff was born March 9, 1949, in Chignik Bay, Alaska. He is survived by his sister, Vickie Baker; and brothers, Lloyd and David Stepanoff.

Dickey Donald Stettler, 64

Dickey Donald Stettler died Aug. 19 at home in Lincoln, Calif. Mr. Stettler was born in Anchorage. He is survived by his daughter, Tracey Stettler; and son, Richard Stettler.

Helen E. Williams, 91

Helen E. Williams died Aug. 6 at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ms. Williams was born April 1, 1920, in Nenana, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters,
Carolyn Paige-Debler, Alberta Newton and Rebecca Williams; and sons, Levi, Ronnie and Leroy Williams.


Ron Michael Lambert, 24
Simeon S. Oskolkoff, 81
Mamie Williams, 95