In memory, September 2012

Gertrude “Gertie” Maluweena Ah’Nee, 73

Gertrude Ahnee passed away May 30. Ms. Ah’nee was born June 25, 1938, in Shishmaref, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Toni LoMonaco and Leesa VanZandt; sons, Robert Miller and Norman Miller Jr.; and grandchildren, Paula Bourdon, Amberly Miller, Michelle Paltrow, Amanda Kashatook, Zeth Kernan, Jordan Kernan and Devin VanZandt.

Michael Dennis Floyd, 50

Michael Dennis Floyd passed away April 23 at home in Anchorage. Mr. Floyd was born April 12, 1962, in Lake Charles, La. He is survived by his son, Holdyn Floyd, and parents, Ruth and Charles D. Floyd.

Kymberly Blanche McSmith, 52

Kymberly Blanche McSmith passed away May 20 at the Regency at Northpoint Rehabilitation Center in Spokane, Wash. She is survived by her daughter, Diamond Lewis, and son, Thomas Dwayne Walton II.

Lillian Beth Meadows, 61

Lillian Beth Meadows passed away March 20 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Meadows was born in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. She is survived by her sons, Justin and Ronnie Meadows.

Johnny Jack Nicolai, 89

Johnny Jack Nicolai passed away April 12 in Mentasta Lake, Alaska. Mr. Nicolai was born in 1922 in Chistochina, Alaska. He is survived by his daughter, Elaine Sinyon, and sons, Godfrey, Freddy, Lee, Benny, Daniel, Charlie Mike and William Nicolai.

Laurence J. O’Neill, 59

Laurence J. O’Neill passed away May 28 at home in Anchorage. Mr. O’Neill was born October 7, 1952, in Dillingham, Alaska. He is survived by his daughter, Genevieve Marie O’Neill.

Alexandria “Sandy” Seversen Paisley, 89

Alexandria (Sandy) Seversen Paisley passed away June 18 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Paisley was born on Aug. 4, 1922, in Nondalton, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Shirley Alexander, Lana Kiernan and Sheila Hague; son, Harmon Roehl; stepson, Kim Paisley; and brother, Walter Seversen.

Edward E. Peck, 43

Edward E. Peck passed away May 28 in Palmer, Alaska. Mr. Edwards was born in 1968 in Edmonds, Wash. He is survived by his wife, Jody; children, Colby, Kendall, Jonathan, Abigail and Emma; mother, Velma; brother, Ernie; and nieces and nephews, Samantha, Victoria, Natanya, Julia, Benjamin and Andrew.

Gilbert Rosenberg, 91

Gilbert Rosenberg passed away June 9 at the Serenity Haven Assisted Living Home in Anchorage. Mr. Rosenberg was born Nov. 7, 1920, in New York City, NY. He is survived by his daughters, Theresa Hartman and Diane Buls; son, Franklin Rosenberg; granddaughters, Elizabeth Hampton, Lisa Endres, Rachel Flynn and Angela Leggett; and grandsons, James Flynn, Aaron Leggett and Adam Leggett.

Bernard W. Toloff, 81

Bernard W. Toloff passed away June 14 at Central Peninsula Hospital in Kenai, Alaska. Mr. Toloff was born in 1931 in Anchorage. He is survived by his brothers, Charles P. Toloff, Daniel P. Toloff and Thomas A. Toloff.

Grace Ann Wallace, 61

Grace Ann Wallace passed away June 23 at home in Kenai, Alaska. Ms. Wallace was born Nov. 29, 1950, in Seward, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, Gary Wallace, and sons, Brian Morissette and Lehman Olsen.


Sonia Lee Apok Griego, 50
Marie Ondola Gutmann, 55
Marie Rita Long, 83
Marlene Pettijohn, 70
Steven Lee Porter, 59
April Winonha Stover, 39