INTERN-al Affairs

Hello everyone! My name is Jordyn Ransom, and I am thrilled to return for my second internship with CIRI.

I was raised in California’s San Fernando Valley and Orange County. Though I love my home state and its many attractions, I found myself in search of something different. I recently graduated from California State University Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and was looking to enter my next phase of life and build a career.

The transition into work evolved effortlessly through the resourcefulness of my mother, an original CIRI enrollee of Athabascan decent. I owe her credit for introducing me to the CIRI internship opportunity, which she first read about in the Raven’s Circle newsletter. It was the perfect opportunity to try something new while also learning about my heritage. I first interned with CIRI during summer 2019, helping plan and execute the CIRI C3 Experience and assisting with Human Resources-related tasks.

Growing up outside of Alaska, I was far removed from my Alaska Native heritage and CIRI. The promise of meaningful work and gorgeous Alaska scenery was enough to convince me to return for a second internship. Driven by opportunity and the desire for self-discovery, I decided this summer to move the 3,000 miles to Alaska and establish some roots.

Working in CIRI’s shareholder programs has been an exciting and educational endeavor, to say the least. I’m currently working on CIRI’s Virtual Mentoring Program for shareholders and descendants. This project holds a lot of meaning for me because, as someone who grew up outside Alaska, I have the chance to reach out to others and help facilitate connections with their corporation and Alaska Native heritage.

The CIRI internship has enabled me to connect with Alaska Native culture, gain valuable work experience and enhance my personal development. The decision to move to Anchorage and pursue a career has created purpose in my life. I feel more confident taking the next steps in continuing my self-discovery and fulfilling my goal to help other shareholders and descendants realize their potential.

Until next time,
Jordyn Ransom