Meet CIRI’s 2016 Summer Interns

L to R: William Wheeles, Ravyn Nothstine, Brandi Wheelehan and John Sallee. (Not pictured: Raymond Redmond)
L to R: William Wheeles, Ravynn Nothstine, Brandi Wheelehan and John Sallee. (Not pictured: Raymond Redmond and Josh Franklin)

As part of a company-wide commitment to deliver benefits to shareholders and descendants that provide an opportunity for them to advance in their careers and lives, this summer CIRI placed five youth in positions within CIRI departments and at CIRI subsidiaries.

CIRI’s summer internship program creates opportunities for college students and recent graduates to directly apply their education in a practical work setting while gaining excellent experience and insight into CIRI’s culture and businesses.

“CIRI’s summer internship program is a win-win,” CIRI President and CEO Sophie Minich said. “The company benefits from these young people who share their skills and contribute to our mission, vision and values, and the students get a first-hand look at possible career paths, gain hands-on experience and build a network of professional contacts.”

CIRI shareholder Randy Armstrong, a 2015 summer intern, was recently selected to fill a full-time, permanent position with CIRI’s Risk Management department. He graduated this year with a degree in economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. “The experience I got as a CIRI intern was something no book could teach,” Randy said. “I’d always heard that CIRI is a family business; now that I know what CIRI really does, I’m proud to be part of that family.”

Please join CIRI in welcoming its 2016 summer interns, the next generation of business leaders.

  • Ravynn Nothstine, CIRI Lands and Resources
  • Raymond Redmond, CIRI Services Corp.
  • John Sallee, CIRI Corporate Communications
  • William Wheeles, CIRI Information Technology
  • Brandi Wheelehan, CIRI Human Resources and CIRI Shareholder Relations
  • Josh Franklin, CIRI Risk Management and Real Estate