Alaskans can easily donate to CIRI nonprofits when applying for the PFD

CIRI News Jan 2014 final-28Pick.Click.Give. allows Alaskans to share their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) with the causes they care about.

When completing the PFD application, Alaska residents can support the preservation and strengthening of the traditions, languages and art of Alaska’s Native people by choosing to share a portion of their PFD with the Alaska Native Heritage Center, a CIRI-founded nonprofit organization.

The CIRI Foundation is a CIRI-affiliated nonprofit that has served the Native community for more than 31 years by promoting

Photo by Hage Photography.
Photo by Hage Photography.

individual self-development and economic self-sufficiency through education and projects that help to maintain pride in culture and heritage among Alaska Native people. Alaskans can increase the involvement of and direct impact upon Alaska Native communities throughout the state by pledging an amount to The CIRI Foundation through Pick.Click.Give.

Donations provided to Koahnic Broadcast Corporation support the broadcasting of Native voices to Alaska, the nation and around the world. Koahnic, a CIRI founded nonprofit, operates KNBA 90.3 FM in Anchorage, the nation’s first urban Native radio station. KNBA programs include Native news, contemporary music and comprehensive statewide coverage of the annual Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

Learn more about the Alaska Native Heritage Center at, The CIRI Foundation at and Koahnic Broadcast Corporation