The CIRI Foundation activates phone tree

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) installed an interactive voice response system, commonly known as a “phone tree,” on Monday, March 9. The phone tree was installed in response to the increase in requests for scholarship and grant information and the need to provide accurate information to callers. The phone tree operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By dialing (907) 793-3575 or toll free (800) 764-3382, callers are able to choose from several menu options, have the information repeated, and return to the main menu or speak to a team member. Menu options include: 1) office hours, location, fax and website; 2) a list of upcoming scholarship and grant deadlines, descriptions of scholarship and grant programs; 3) check on application status and how to update information on a current application, including a change in the number of credits or classes; 4) information regarding eligibility requirements; 5) information about award selections, notification of funding decisions and disbursement of funds; and 6) speak with a TCF team member.

For more information, visit The CIRI Foundation website,