The CIRI Foundation issues fall awards

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) is pleased to announce that approximately 300 original CIRI enrollees and direct lineal descendants received awards for the 2010 fall term, totaling more than $800,000 in awards. The awards help eligible individuals attend post-secondary educational and training institutions. TCF has supported educational dreams for 28 years, since 1982.

The awards include general semester scholarships, career upgrade grants, vocational training grants, and fellowships. CIRI descendant Megan Anderson, who is working toward a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Wash., says “the CIRI Foundation’s scholarships have helped me immensely.”

Megan says that “while working on my undergraduate degree in international business at the University of Washington, TCF’s support helped me focus on my studies and allowed me to take full advantage of learning opportunities, including studying abroad.”

This fall, Megan, who is in her third year of naturopathic medicine school, will be entering clinics to do work in physical medicine and counseling. Megan, who is the daughter of Tracy and Teri Anderson, says that eventually she would like to open a clinic for low-income patients. She says that TCF’s support has allowed her to consider this career path over a more lucrative one that she would have needed to pursue should she have amassed considerable student debt.

Megan’s interest in naturopathic medicine stems from stories her grandmother told her about her great-great-grandmother, who was an herbalist and traditional healer from Afognak. Megan says that she would love to learn from Alaska Native practitioners and complete a preceptorship at the Traditional Healing Clinic at Southcentral Foundation.

Another TCF recipient and CIRI descendant, Terri Draper, is currently working toward a doctoral degree in professional psychology at Pacific University in Oregon. Draper is the daughter of Gunnar and Toni Berg. “When I received my master’s degree, it was tempting to stop school and start working, but when I thought about the options that I have with the support of the CIRI Foundation, I was motivated to continue on with my studies,” said Terri. “Knowing that I have CIRI’s support helps me keep a good attitude about school. After graduation, I want to practice therapy and work for the Indian Health Service with Native youth and young adults.”

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