SCF primary care building to open new wing

The new wing of Southcentral Foundation’s (SCF) Anchorage Native Primary Care Center (ANPCC) is set to open on Oct. 6. The new addition under construction is a three-story, 80,000-square foot wing that will house the Family Medicine Clinic and other co-located services. After moving to the new wing from its current location, the Family Medicine Clinic will be known simply as “Primary Care.”

ANPCC’s patient base has doubled from 25,000 to 50,000 people since its first expansion in 2000. To meet customer needs, the Family Medicine Clinic has integrated specialized services into routine appointments. Specialized services like behavioral health consultations that support emotional wellness and dietician consultations for nutritional maintenance are available through clinic appointments. With these changes, SCF hopes to make each patient’s relationship with SCF more convenient and individualized by integrating even more co-located services.

When the Family Medicine Clinic becomes Primary Care, the department will be subdivided into six smaller clinics with design features that will encourage continued relationships between patients and providers. Nearly half of the clinical spaces will be comfortable talking rooms to put the patient and clinical staff on more equal footing for appointments that do not require fully equipped exam rooms. Smaller sized clinics will contribute to the welcoming and personal atmosphere.

SCF’s goal is a comprehensive medical care resource driven by the patient and optimizing personal relationships over time.

Southcentral Foundation is a CIRI-affiliated nonprofit health organization formed in 1982 to serve the health needs of Alaska Natives and American Indians in the CIRI region. The ANPCC is located at 4320 Diplomacy Drive in Anchorage.