Nonprofit Spotlight

Cook Inlet Housing Authority

The fourth in a series highlighting the CIRI family of nonprofits

Creating affordable housing opportunities that empower Alaska Native and American Indian people, Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) promotes independence through housing. A State-chartered housing authority established in 1974, CIHA provides safe and affordable housing to those in need, improves lives and neighborhoods, and redefines partnerships and roles. CIRI has made CIHA its Tribally Designated Housing Entity, empowering it to receive and administer federal Native American Housing Block Grants and other federal resources for housing and community development.

In 2018, CIHA housed 880 individuals and families, 635 seniors and 162 people experiencing homelessness. Its community initiatives and strategies include:

  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Building and strengthening partnerships with businesses, tribes and nonprofits
  • Community Identity and Belonging: Common spaces in CIHA’s buildings offer residents a place to meet, building networks and helping foster community engagement
  • Creating Community Through Art: Collaborating with local artists to promote awareness of local challenges; building coalitions to give voice to underserved communities; and addressing current deficiencies while creating opportunities for community members to meet and interact
  • Homes: Building safe, affordable rental housing
  • Honoring Our Land: Creating strong and healthy communities by cleaning up previously developed land, building community gardens and green spaces, and restoring creeks and waterways
  • Local Storefronts: Investing in commercial corridors as a way of revitalizing neighborhoods
  • Policy and Advocacy Engagement: CIHA actively engages in policy work and advocacy at the local, state and federal levels
  • Relevant, Innovative Design: Utilizing innovative design methods with an emphasis on infill and small lots, crime prevention, safe spaces for senior living, energy efficiency, long-term sustainability and more

Visit for more information. For help getting into a new home, including information on CIHA’s rental properties, lending services and home-improvement programs, visit