Energy and Infrastructure

Harnessing nature’s power to energize communities

For centuries, our people have thrived in harmony with the forces of nature. Today, CIRI employs the latest technologies and finance strategies to harness the power of renewable energy in Alaska and the Lower 48. Our energy projects create jobs and economic activity while generating profits for shareholders and business partners.

Fire Island Wind

Wind power to energize Southcentral Alaska

Fire Island Wind

Located in Cook Inlet, approximately three miles offshore from Anchorage, Fire Island is home to CIRI’s Fire Island Wind project, the first wind-powered energy initiative to supply electricity to Alaska’s largest city.

Fire Island Wind is a testament to CIRI’s ability to develop, manage and operate large-scale projects on time and on budget. Collaboration with nearly 100 local businesses during development and construction brought about an independent power producer that delivers electricity to 6,500 Alaskan homes and benefits shareholders, business partners and regional economies.

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Fire Island Wind

Company Facts:

  • Developed and operated by Fire Island Wind, LLC, a wholly-owned CIRI subsidiary
  • Completed in 2012
  • 11 wind turbines, with the expectation to expand to 33
  • Generation capacity of 17.6 megawatts (expandable to 52.8 megawatts)
  • Eliminates up to 500 million cubic feet of natural gas consumption annually
  • Diversifies Southcentral Alaska’s energy resources
  • Long-term power purchase agreement with local utility improves power price stability
  • Work has already started on phase II, with the intent to construct an additional 11 turbines.

Capistrano Wind Partners

Wind-to-power projects in Wyoming, Texas and Nebraska

Capistrano Wind

Capistrano Wind Partners operates five utility-scale wind projects: Cedro Hill in Texas; Mountain Wind I & II in Wyoming; and Croften Bluffs and Broken Bow in Nebraska. CIRI created the partnership in 2012 with Edison Mission Group and TIAA-CREF, one of the nation’s largest pension and retirement fund managers. Australian pension firm AMP Ltd. joined the partnership the following year.

CIRI’s preferred equity position in Capistrano Wind partners allows it to diversify potential risks while ensuring predictable and sustainable returns for decades.

Company Facts:

  • A partnership between CIRI, Edison Mission Group, TIAA-CREF and AMP Ltd.
  • Acquired three operating wind farms in Wyoming and one in Texas
  • Constructed two additional wind farms in Nebraska
  • Combined generation capacity is 413 megawatts
  • Long-term power purchase agreement with local utility improves power price stability

Palouse Wind

Investing in wind power for the Pacific Northwest

Palouse Wind

As a tax equity investor in Palouse Wind, CIRI enjoys the certainty of consistent cash returns without exposing itself to the risks inherent in development, construction and operation.

Built on Naff Ridge between the town of Oaksdale and Route 195 in Washington, this wind energy project is ideally situated to harness the area’s prevailing southwest wind.

Company Facts:

  • Operated by independent energy company First Wind
  • Production capacity of 105 megawatts
  • Power distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest grid
  • Palouse Wind can power 30,000 homes
  • Long-term power purchase agreement guarantees the sale of all energy produced for 30 years

Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage

Improving reliability of natural gas supplies for Southcentral Alaska


CIRI holds a minority interest in Alaska Storage Holding LLC, a partnership that constructed and owns Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska LLC (CINGSA). Located in Kenai, Alaska, CINGSA is the state’s first underground gas storage facility.

CIRI’s financial strength helps provide a critical service to residents and communities throughout the Cook Inlet region by substantially improving the reliability and delivery of natural gas supplies during the winter months.

Company Facts:

  • Underground storage capacity of 11 billion cubic feet of natural gas
  • Serves utilities throughout Southcentral Alaska
  • November 2012 marked the first distribution of natural gas from CINGSA