Pamela Anne Darwin, 52
Pamela Anne Darwin died Oct. 3, 2008, at home in Palmer. Ms. Darwin was born Feb. 24, 1956, in Seattle,Wash. She is survived by her husband, Gary Darwin; daughters, Heather Betts and Anna Lockhart; son, Lawrence Darwin; and father, Sam Biggar.

Nora Martha DeSylva, 84
Nora Martha DeSylva died Nov. 13, 2008, at the South Peninsula Hospital in Homer, Alaska. Ms. DeSylva was born Dec. 24, 1923, in Kakhonak, Alaska. She is survived by her sons, Edward A. DeSylva and Ralph Norman DeSylva.

Jimmy James Johnson, 74
Jimmy James Johnson died Sept. 10, 2008, at home in Saint Marys, Alaska. Mr. Johnson was born July 30, 1934, in Mountain Village, Alaska. He is survived by his daughters, Betty E. McIntosh, Adeline and Linda Johnson; sons, Michael, Clarence and Kenneth Johnson; granddaughters, Jennifer, Janine and Emily Arnold and Rene, Katelyn and Celina Johnson; and grandsons, Barry, Keefe and Kalen McIntosh, Earl and Carlton Johnson and Christopher Arnold.

William R. Edelen, 63
Anita Carolyn McClure, 76
Marie Margaret Silook, 26