Accepting Recreational Use Permit Applications Farewell Area

Application Deadline: March 31

Once again, recreational use permits will be issued for access to portions of the Farewell area for sheep hunting purposes in 2016. Recreational use permits are awarded through a random drawing for sheep hunting. CIRI shareholders, CIRI employees and the general public may apply for access; however, CIRI shareholders and shareholder family members and employees have first choice for the opening period before others are permitted to hunt for sheep.

Visit the CIRI website to learn more and complete the online permit application. If you are a CIRI shareholder or shareholder family member, be sure to note that in the “Purpose of Access” section. Shareholder family members should also include the name of the shareholder to whom they are related and the family relationship.

The website also includes maps showing township, range and section. Because CIRI does not allow access to all of the Farewell area, the map details permit area boundaries for Smith and Veleska Lakes.

Please note: As a reminder, permitting is required for all CIRI land use. CIRI does not charge a fee for the recreational use permit but requires submission of a written post-activity report no later than 30 days at the end of the permit period.