CIRI Alaska Tourism seeks applicants for summer jobs

As CIRI Alaska Tourism Corp. (CATC) gears up for the 2010 summer season, it is in the process of hiring over 500 seasonal staff. CATC seeks to fill positions at their tour packaging and reservations company, Alaska Heritage Tours; their lodge properties, the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge and Seward Windsong Lodge; and their marine day cruise operations, Kenai Fjords Tours and Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises.

Although it may seem early to apply for summer jobs, Stephanie Stanley, human resources manager at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge, explains that January and February are when the managers focus on recruiting, interviewing and hiring seasonal workers.

“We hope to have most of the positions filled by the first of March,” said Stanley.

Many people think of tour guides or bus drivers when they hear “tourism” jobs, but those are only a couple of the positions available at CATC. A variety of jobs to suit most any interest is available, including “front of the house” and “back of the house” functions.

“Front of the house” positions, such as deckhand on the tour boats or front desk or food server at the lodges, involve a lot of customer interaction and direct contact with guests. “Back of the house” positions, like housekeeping, night audit or kitchen help, may not have as much customer contact.

“However, customer service is a top priority at CIRI Alaska Tourism, and a good experience for our guests is everyone’s job,” states Stanley.

The season begins in May at each of the properties, and many of the jobs begin in mid April and last through mid-to-late September. The applicant that can work the whole season would receive first consideration. However, there are positions available that fit students’ schedules, starting in mid-May and ending in late August.

Kelly Bender, general manager at Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises, explains that even though the positions available are seasonal, many of CATC’s current managers worked their way up from such positions.

“We have many entry-level positions as well as supervisory jobs. But, more importantly, the skills you gain working in these high customer service jobs are skills that are desired in any industry,” said Bender. “Not only are these fun and challenging jobs, but they look great on a resume too.”

To apply online or to find out more about the positions available and what it is like to live and work at each of the properties, go online to or call (907) 263-5123. CIRI shareholders and descendants are strongly encouraged to apply.