Revamped Puffin Pass goes paperless

CIRI Alaska Tourism Corp. (CATC) has improved its Puffin Pass program, which offers exclusive savings on travel, adventures and accommodations to Alaskans and their guests. Members will be the first to know about new and upcoming events at CIRI Alaska Tourism. CATC particularly invites CIRI shareholders who live in Alaska to become acquainted with the benefits of this program.

Changes and improvements that have made the program even better and easier to use include:

*No login required. That’s right, you don’t have to remember yet another password to save big!
*No membership card required. We don’t need a piece of plastic to recognize our neighbors!
*No obscure codes. While you may need to put in a code to get a special deal, we’ll make it easy to remember!
*Puffin Pass has gone paperless! Now, members get exclusive access via e-mailed “members-only” deals.

Puffin Pass members will receive:

*The best deals first! You get the first crack at these opportunities before anyone else does.
*The greatest availability! Since you’re at the head of the line, you get to plan your trip based on the most available dates.
*More specials than ever before! We’ve put together some awesome trips and packages . . . just for you and your guests.
*Last minute deals! Since you’re just down the road, you can take advantage of some great last-minute availability first.

Not a member yet? Learn more on the Web at Sign up for the new and improved, paperless Puffin Pass program and start receiving fantastic deals on Alaskan adventures.