CIRI Annual Meeting of Shareholders

IMG_2237The 43rd Annual Meeting of CIRI Shareholder took place Saturday, June 4, in Puyallup, Wash. The preliminary results of the election for CIRI Directors indicate the following individuals will serve a three-year term ending in 2019:

  • Hallie L. Bissett
  • Michael R. Boling
  • Margaret L. Brown
  • Rolf A. Dagg
  • Thomas P. Huhndorf

The preliminary results of the election will be verified by Inspector of Election Daniel Siciliano in the near future. There were no resolutions introduced for consideration and no other business was conducted.

Immediately following the annual meeting, the CIRI Board of Directors met to elect the following officers:

  • Chair, Thomas Huhndorf
  • Vice Chair, Douglas Fifer
  • Secretary, Jeff Gonnason
  • Treasurer, Michael Boling
  • Secretary, Lou Nagy
  • Treasurer, Penny Carty
  • Chair Emeritus, Roy Huhndorf

Thank you to all of the CIRI shareholders who participated in the meeting and election, either in-person or by proxy.

To view a list of Annual Meeting Prize Winners and Early Bird Prize Winners please click here.