CIRI Hosts SPC Members

Twenty-nine SPC members, including two Youth Representatives, met Oct. 17-18 at CIRI’s Fireweed Business Center in Anchorage. Photo by Carly Stuart.
Twenty-nine SPC members, including two Youth
Representatives, met Oct. 17-18 at CIRI’s Fireweed Business Center in Anchorage. Photo by Carly Stuart.

To better increase two-way communication between CIRI and its shareholders, CIRI relies on its Shareholder Participation Committee (SPC). Comprised of three committees (Anchorage, Alaska, and Lower 48 and Hawaii) of approximately 10 members each, the SPC advises CIRI on specific issues and activities identified by committee members, the Corporation and its shareholders and descendants. SPC members also assist the corporation in providing information to shareholders and descendants on the corporation’s mission and values, business operations, corporate policies, shareholder and descendant opportunities and other matters.

On Oct. 17, CIRI welcomed its current SPC members, including two SPC Youth Representatives, to the Fireweed Business Center for two days’ worth of training and workshops. Members were treated to a behind-the-scenes educational tour at the Anchorage Museum, including a peek at several key pieces of the CIRI collection, such as the original CIRI mask. The tour was led by CIRI shareholder Aaron Leggett, a former CIRI Shareholder of the Year who serves as the museum’s curator of Alaska history and culture. Other activities included an overview of Robert’s Rules of Order; a discussion of Alaska’s opioid epidemic hosted by CIRI-affiliated nonprofit Southcentral Foundation; a tour of affordable housing projects developed by CIRI-affiliated nonprofit Cook Inlet Housing Authority; an overview of IT security tips; providing suggestions for a planned descendant outreach survey; and an evening reception during which the 29 SPC members met with members of CIRI’s executive team and Board of Directors.

Photo by Carly Stuart.
Photo by Carly Stuart.

“In addition to learning more about CIRI and its nonprofit affiliates, serving on the SPC provides members an opportunity to directly interact with CIRI leadership, including members of the CIRI Board of Directors,” said CIRI’s betsy Peratrovich, senior director, Shareholder Relations. “For example, the SPC chairs serve as nonvoting members of the Nominating Committee of the CIRI Board. And to date, 10 former SPC members have gone on to serve on the CIRI Board.”

“SPCs are a vital link between the Corporation and its more than 8,700 shareholders, as well as their descendants,” Peratrovich continued. “Over the years, members have also given back to CIRI-related organizations and the communities in which CIRI conducts business, including raising funds for a washer and dryer for a Cook Inlet Housing Authority Elder facility in Anchorage, initiating a book drive for the elementary library at the Chief Leschi School in Puyallup, Wash., raising money and membership awareness for the Alaska Native Heritage Center and catching and donating salmon to Elders via the Ninilchik Traditional Council.”

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