Our Business: Codexis announces progress in carbon capture science

Codexis, a California-based biotech company and CIRI investment, recently announced significant progress in developing commercial-scale carbon capture technology that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired gas plants.

“Current carbon capture technology is inefficient and costly, hindering large scale deployment,” said Alan Shaw, Ph.D., Codexis president and chief executive officer. “It can nearly double the cost of electricity produced by a coal-fired power plant, and decrease the amount of total plant electricity output. Using Codexis technology, power plant operators may be able to use more efficient capture methods to decrease the cost of carbon capture. This, in turn, could lead to wider adoption of this important technology solution.”

Codexis specializes in developing clean technology for the biofuels, pharmaceutical and air treatment markets. Learn more about Codexis at www.codexis.com.