CITC distributes six tons of clothing

Each year, hundreds of Alaskan children receive new, high-quality clothing through KIDS Alaska, a program administered by Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC). Kids in Distressed Situations (KIDS) is a New York-based nonprofit that redistributes items donated from retailers and manufacturers to economically disadvantaged communities. CITC is the only Alaska-based affiliate for the KIDS program.

“The KIDS program is such a great way to have a significant impact on Alaska’s neediest children,” said Gloria O’Neill, CITC president and chief executive officer.

KIDS ships the clothing to Tacoma, Wash., where CITC then is responsible for transporting the items to Alaska and delivering them to more than 1,000 families throughout the state.

“Partnerships are absolutely critical to the success of the KIDS Alaska program. We are so grateful for the outstanding support of Carlisle Transportation, the Rasmuson Foundation, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Alaska Airlines, The National Guard and Spernak Air, all who have donated their services to the KIDS Alaska program,” said O’Neill.

Once a KIDS shipment arrives at CITC, it requires many hands to unpack, sort and re-package the items for re-distribution. CITC recently received a shipment of six tons of clothing from the Sears Corp. and American Girl, a massive shipment which equated to 50 pallets of clothing and required two tractor trailers for delivery. CIRI employees, among many others, volunteered their time to help. To learn more about the KIDS Alaska Program or to make a donation, visit or contact Kelly Hurd, CITC development director, at [email protected] or (907) 793-3272.