KNBA broadcasts special radio series

In May, KNBA produced and broadcast a special radio series, “Climate Change and Alaska Natives,” looking at how climate change issues are being faced by Alaska Native communities. The series kicked off with the live broadcast of the monthly KNBA public affairs program, “Our Alaska,” with guests Millie Hawley from Kivalina, Stanley Tom from the village of Newtok and Larry Merculieff from Seven Generations Consulting. The guests spoke about how they thought climate change was affecting Alaska Native communities, and took calls from KNBA listeners.

The special, five-part series on climate change was broadcast daily on KNBA during the week of May 7. Topics included a profile of an Alaska Native group that has begun a statewide monitoring program for paralytic shellfish poisoning, which is caused by an algae that blooms in warmer temperatures, and the role of Alaska Native Elders in drawing attention to the possible effects of climate change.

“Climate Change and Alaska Natives” was made possible by funding from The CIRI Foundation, Anglo American and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. Archived broadcasts of the series can be found on KNBA’s website,, along with photos more information on the topic.