KNBA wins Alaska broadcaster Goldie award

KNBA 90.3 FM was honored by peer Alaskan broadcasters with two 2011 Goldie Awards. The 2011 Goldie Awards were presented Friday, Nov. 4 at the annual Alaska Broadcasters Association Convention, where radio and television stations from across the state gathered to celebrate the awards.

KNBA took home honors for “Best Radio News Feature” for a news story called “St. Paul Christmas,” produced by KNBA news director Joaqlin Estus. Estus accompanied the Alaska Air National Guard Auxiliary on an “Operation Santa Claus” flight to St. Paul, Alaska, for the story. The second Goldie award, in the category of “Best Uniquely Alaskan Program,” was presented for an interview with 2011 Iditarod Champion John Baker, the first Alaska Native person to win the race since 1976. The John Baker interview was produced by KNBA on-air host/producer Danny Preston for the station’s weekday morning feature “Our Community.”

KNBA broadcasts more than 2,000 hours of original radio programming annually, including news, public affairs and contemporary music. KNBA celebrated its 15th anniversary in October. Learn more about KNBA by visiting