On behalf of CIRI’s Board of Directors and staff, I express my sadness and sincere sympathy to the family of our long-time friend and former CIRI employee, Keith Sanders. Keith joined CIRI’s legal department in December 1995. In February 2001, he became CIRI’s general counsel, a position he held until being promoted in 2005 to senior vice president, land and legal affairs. Keith joined the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney in April 2008.

While he was no longer officially employed by CIRI, Keith remained a member of the CIRI family, and was frequently consulted on legal matters related to CIRI’s annual meeting and land and resources. Keith was an exceptional individual, who cared deeply for his family, CIRI’s mission and his colleagues. I mourn the loss of our dear friend and feel heartache for a wonderful life cut short.

Margie Brown
CIRI President and Chief Executive Officer