The Anchorage School District (ASD) recognized CIRI’s participation in and

The Anchorage School District (ASD) recognized CIRI’s participation in and support of its School Business Partnership program in the Fall 2008 issue of “In the School Zone,” ASD’s employee newsletter.
CIRI partnered with Muldoon Elementary School when Corporate Programs Manager Danielle Larsen heard about Muldoon’s needs from The CIRI Foundation and decided to explore a partnership.

“Since we are developing in various areas in that part of Anchorage, we wanted a presence there and another way to be an active member of the community,” Larsen said.

The partnership between CIRI and Muldoon Elementary is now in its second full year and has already brought some dreams to fruition. CIRI and subsidiary Alaska Interstate Construction built an outdoor amphitheater for the school last summer, which has already been used for writing and science classes. Performances and other literary activities are planned for the spring.

CIRI also funded two Imaginarium assemblies, a bear safety seminar and monthly attendance pizza parties that Principal Ruth Dene credits for boosting school attendance.

“The kids bug their parents now about missing school, because they look forward to the pizza parties,” said Dene. “Because of CIRI, there’s a growing involvement of our families; there is a sense of continuity and consistency.”

She added that CIRI has helped Muldoon build a positive environment, making the school and its families and students feel connected.

“They don’t consider us a charity project. They are enriching our school and are benefiting from a relationship with our students, employees and families that makes our community a better place,” Dene said.