CIRI nominating committee seeks board applicants

The CIRI nominating committee seeks CIRI shareholders interested in being nominated to the 2010 CIRI Board of Directors’ slate of candidates. To be considered for nomination, all Board slate applicants, including incumbents, must complete a Candidate Nominee Application and return it to CIRI by Jan. 25, 2010, 5 p.m. AST.

Additional information about the application process, including the necessary forms, can be found on the CIRI website,, and copies are also available from CIRI’s Shareholder Relations Department. The nominating committee will review all applications, conduct selected interviews and recommend the most qualified candidates to the CIRI Board of Directors. Based upon the nominating committee’s recommendations and the Board’s independent review, the CIRI Board will select five candidates to comprise the Board-recommended slate.

CIRI Directors are responsible for initiating and developing the policies that further the goals of the company, while addressing the economic, social and cultural needs of the shareholders.