Vietnam Veterans Allotment Update

You may recall earlier Raven’s Circle articles that referenced the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act, which contains a provision to help eligible Alaska Native veterans of the Vietnam War era select up to 160 acres of land in Alaska. The application period for the program is projected to open in September 2020. ln the interim, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is reaching out to encourage anyone who believes they may be eligible for the program to update their contact information with the BIA so that the BIA and/or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are able to provide updates in the coming months regarding the program and application process.


An individual is eligible for an allotment under this Act if s/he has:

  1. Served in the armed forces between Aug. 5, 1964, and December 31, 1971;
  2. Met the definition of an Alaska Native person, pursuant to 43 U.S.C.1602; and
  3. Has not received a land allotment under one of the previous Acts.

Current CIRI shareholder veterans who may be eligible

The BIA recently furnished a list to CIRI of shareholder veterans who are believed to be entitled to apply for allotments under the Act. CIRI forwarded a letter from the BIA to those shareholders in mid-May, which urged them to update their contact information with the BIA Alaska Regional office as soon as possible.

Deceased CIRI shareholder veterans who may be eligible

Regulations require allotment applications for eligible, deceased individuals to be filed by a personal representative appointed by the Alaska State Court. (Information on the appointment process is available on the Alaska State Court website at The personal representatives of deceased shareholder veterans are asked to contact Sarah Walker, BIA, Alaska Region tribal operations specialist, at (907) 271-4506 or [email protected].

Additional information

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