CIRI Participation Committees

For the first time in 2022, CIRI is inviting confirmed, registered CIRI descendants to serve on its Shareholder and Descendant Participation Committees. We look forward to offering descendants the opportunity to engage more deeply with their corporation! For questions regarding eligibility, please contact CIRI’s shareholder programs department.

The purpose of the Shareholder and Descendant Participation Committees is to:

  • Increase shareholder and descendant communication with the corporation;
  • Identify issues of immediate and long-term importance to shareholders and descendants; and
  • Assist the corporation in educating shareholders and descendants on CIRI’s mission and values, business operations, corporate policies, shareholder and descendant opportunities and other matters.
  • To appropriately represent CIRI’s shareholder and descendant demographics, CIRI’s participation committees are comprised of members from all over the state and country.  Three committees of nine members each represent the Anchorage area, Alaska, and the Lower 48.



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Current Members

For a current list of SPC members please click here:

2022 CIRI SPC Members