Shareholder Dividends

In 1980, the CIRI Board of Directors declared the first CIRI dividend, with CIRI subsequently paying dividends every year through the second quarter of 2019, including quarterly dividends paid from 1983 through June 2019. On December 8, 2011, ten days after the 40th anniversary of the signing of ANCSA, the Company reached an important milestone, having paid distributions totaling $965.7 million to shareholders — exceeding the original ANCSA cash payment of $962.5 million, which was to be divided among all Alaska Native regional and village corporations. And with the September 2013 quarter dividend distribution, cumulative distributions to shareholders topped $1 billion.

In June 2019, CIRI shareholders voted to approve the creation of the CIRI Settlement Trust (CST). Shortly thereafter, in August 2019, the CIRI Board of Directors rescinded  CIRI’s dividend policy in favor of contributing amounts that CIRI would have issued as dividends to the Distribution Fund of the CIRI Settlement Trust (CST) for distribution to CST beneficiaries who are CIRI shareholders. Click here to view CIRI’s Distribution Policy.