$500 quarterly direct deposit prize drawing

Your mailing address and direct deposit instruction must be current to win!

Shareholders who participate in direct deposit are also eligible to participate in a $500 quarterly prize drawing this year. Random drawings will be conducted for the quarters ending March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 31. If CIRI has returned mail for the selected shareholder, another winner will be selected; otherwise, the winnings will be directly deposited to the bank account designated in CIRI’s records. If the deposited funds are rejected, another winner will be selected.

Why prizes? The new drawing aims to increase direct deposit participation, while encouraging shareholders to keep contact and direct deposit information current.

Shareholders whose CIRI distributions are directly deposited receive their payments on the same day checks are mailed to shareholders without direct deposit and receive a voucher showing the amount deposited. There is no chance of a check being stolen or lost in the mail, and no waiting in the line at the bank.

Unfortunately, every year, thousands of dollars in directly deposited funds are rejected by shareholder banks—usually because the shareholder’s bank account is closed. When funds are returned, Shareholder Relations is notified and begins the reissue process. Often, though, shareholders who fail to update their direct deposit information with CIRI also forget to keep their CIRI contact information current. If a shareholder cannot be contacted by phone, email or U.S. mail, the funds simply sit there waiting to be reissued and do not earn interest.

Not enrolled in direct deposit or need to change your direct deposit instruction? Complete and return a Direct Deposit Authorization form, along with a voided check or deposit slip from your checking or savings account with any bank, savings and loan or credit union. Download a direct deposit form here or call (907) 263-5191 or (800) 764-2474.