How to Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Take advantage of the direct deposit service by:

  1. Filling out an Authorization for Direct Deposit Form
  2. Attaching a preprinted voided check or deposit slip from your checking or savings account from your bank, savings and loan, or credit union to the form
  3. Returning the form and voided check or deposit slip to CIRI

It’s that simple. Get the Authorization for Direct Deposit Form here or from the Shareholder Relations Department. Applications received after a specified cut-off date for a distribution are kept on file and the direct deposit option is implemented for the next distribution.

If the financial institution you select for direct deposit has an existing electronic transfer instruction on file for you, your payment will likely be routed according to their instructions, regardless of how you fill out CIRI’s Authorization for Direct Deposit form.

For instance, if you previously designated your checking account as the account your checks are electronically deposited to, your distribution check may be deposited to your checking account even if you select the savings account box on CIRI’s authorization form.

CIRI is not able to alter an existing electronic transfer instruction. If you have an existing instruction on file with your bank or financial institution and you want your distribution to be deposited differently, work directly with your financial institution to resolve any potential problems.